Monday, July 23, 2012

Online Classifieds Ad Flyer Generator- Quicker, Easier And Cheaper Way.

Looking to create a great looking Craigslist ad/ flyer / social network or flyer for any purpose? Anyone who surfs Craigslist knows that some ads stand out, and some don't.

Enquire anyone who advertises regularly on Craigslist and they will tell you that the slick picture ads bring in more revenue than the plain old text ads.

Now the thing is that designing a craigslist or any classified ad flyer off course takes time and money. Just to make things quicker and cheaper for you we have developed an online generator which creates ads in seconds. Great!

Let us introduce a unique dynamic way to generate instant online ads flyers for craigslist, newspaper, and some of the online and offline classifieds site.

Craig's Flyer is an unique tool which allows you to design a professional flyer or ad in seconds and with NO programming skills. You just have to choose a template, fill in a small form with the ad details, add the content in a Word-like editor, and then post it to classifieds. You also get a link for your flyer, which you can e-mail or advertise in newspapers. And you can share it on all major social networks using our widgets!

Usually you pay 10 or more dollars for designing a small standard flyer with restricted option, but at craigsflyer you can save your time and money by designing ads for just 0.99 cents that's even in seconds. Wow isn't it great deal?

What else are the specialities of Ads Flyer Ad Designing Tool?:-
Design Classified Ads for Social Networking Sites.
Design Classifieds for Mailers
Design Classifieds for Craigslist, Backpage, eBay, Google Base.

To know more like how it looks like when posted you can simply visit flyer generator site. You can also navigate the complete process information, designing tips. You can also choose multiple templates for cars, real estate, general ads and for services.

If you really looking for cheaper and faster ad maker tool which can generate professional ad flyer for craigslist, gumtree, kijiji, backpage you personal print ad campaigns and more, then go give it a try.

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