Thursday, August 9, 2012

Does a Real Estate Agent Really Help Sell Your Home?

Every so often you have to wonder if the average home seller really gives much thought to just how much work their estate agent will put in to sell their home. If you were to ask them they would tell you that all real estate agents work tirelessly 7 days a week and up to 12 hours a day to sell their clients homes. What they might not add though is that they manage the sale of up to 15 properties at any one time. So that means they spend about 6 hours on each individual property. Charging the customary 2% of the sales price plus marketing expenses means that they rake in about ,500 per hour. Now that is a nice chunk of change.

Chances are that the home seller is not making ,500 per hour but surely they need to understand that after all that real estate education agents take the time to get they deserve that kind of compensation for their efforts.
Now let's consider this for a minute. What is it exactly that real estate agents do that homeowners can't?

The first plan a real estate puts into place is getting the home ready for sale. The homeowner actually does all the grunt work (the cleaning, the painting the yard work) But without the agent to tell them to do it how would they ever have figured out by themselves that a nice clean and tidy house was more appealing to buyers?

That's all done, so now the real estate agent swings into action to get the sales documents ready. Well they place the call to the solicitor to do it for them at least.

Your intrepid estate agent will also write a bit of generic ad copy for your online home for sale listing, have someone else post it and place a call to a bloke to bring a For Sale sign round and put it in your front yard. You could have had a company like do all of that for you for about 0 but you need your real estate agents special expertise right?

An estate agent also handles all the buyer inspections. Except they do prefer that the home seller is present because they do actually live in the place and could answer the questions that the real estate agent has no idea what the answer might be. But the agent is there and that is the important part.

The things is though, the real estate agents will argue, is that an estate agent will get a better price on a home sale. That recent research that was conducted in NSW Australia? The report that concluded that more often the seller will get a better price than previously quoted by an agent. Oh that's nonsense. Sure maybe we will occasionally talk a seller into knocking ,000 off the asking price to get a quick sale (and our commission check) but a quick sale is what sellers want anyway.

These days though, Australian home sellers are getting savvier to all this estate agent talk and, with the help of firms like, finding the nerve to sell their homes by themselves. For under ,500 in total, not per hour, companies like help FBSO sellers every step of the way, from creating a personalized marketing package just for them to answering any and all questions they might have along the path to a satisfactory sale.

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