Thursday, March 16, 2017

Analysis Of Obama Speech - "yes We Can"

From the introduction of the speech one can clearly see that the tone of the speech is inspirational. The speech is about change, reaching for a better function and uniting to resolve the issues in America. Obama sums up his introduction when he states: ?We're hungry for change and we are ready to believe once more.? The listener is curious to find out what precisely must be modified?

Obama makes use of a number of anecdotes to explain the problems going through America. He doesn't describe the problem however somewhat uses anecdotes from the trenches which add to the enchantment of the speech. He uses these tales to expose the issues of healthcare, schooling, the financial system and the conflict in Iraq. He mentions the Dunkin' Donuts worker. When he slams outsourcing to international countries he does so with a vivid anecdote: ?the laid off Maytag factory employee who now competes with his teenager for a $7/hr job at Wal-Mart.? When he talks in regards to the particular interest campaign contributions he mentions a $3.01 contribution he acquired from a lady who tucked it inside a verse of scripture. These tales make the speech sound more personal and reinforce the conversational nature of the speech. It's nearly as if your uncle has visited for Sunday dinner and is telling you concerning the struggles facing some of your outdated pals in your previous neighborhood.

Obama uses the unity word ?we? repeatedly all through the speech. This speech is intended to indicate that Obama is the leader of the group but more importantly he is nonetheless a part of the team. The tone of the speech is that the voters and Obama are the underdogs, and so they should stick collectively to defeat Goliath.

The speech will not be laced with many examples of vivid language but there is a fantastic example within the line where he states ?It is the politics that makes use of faith as a wedge and patriotism as a bludgeon.?

Obama makes use of the two worlds approach when comparing the present situation in America with the future potential prosperity that's doable if he is elected. He describes the crumbling faculties, the unaffordable healthcare and the poor financial system the place individuals cannot pay their mortgages. He then essentially asks ?do you need to continue living in this world?? He does this when he proclaims ?This election is in regards to the previous vs. the longer term.? Obama then goes on to explain optimistic components of his world. He describes the political inclusion of even a $3.01 donor, a far distinction to the multimillion dollar lobbyists in Washington. He also talks about the racial unity that brought change in Chicago. Lastly, he talks in regards to the girl who's now dedicated to working with internal metropolis-youngsters. Obama describes the brand new world and he makes you need to be part of it.

Obama also makes frequent use of the rhetorical units of anaphora and epiphora. This is the place a speaker repeats only one a part of a phrase several times. Anaphora is repetition at the beginning of a sentence and epiphora is repetition on the end of a sentence. You possibly can see the use of this machine highlighted in bold.

The message of the speech is ?sure we are able to change, if you happen to elect me.? Obama frequently repeats this message as he needed to drive it residence to the viewers. If there was one thing that they would bear in mind from the speech it's that catch phrase or sound chew. Obama makes use of this catch phrase six instances within the last three paragraphs! This repetition is used to ingrain the takeaway message.

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